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Jean Bullard lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The mountain view out her office window keeps her inspired, the smell of the nearby sea keeps her invigorated, her marriage keeps her grounded, and her dogs keep her well-exercised. When travelling, she likes nothing better than to find a hidden corner where she can uncover some little-known fact to add to her vast and curious collection.
Jean Bullard is a member of the Canadian Science Writers' Association, and was admitted to the Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars on the basis of her research into early microscopy for her historical novel, Maria's Microscopes. She has been attracted to the history of science since her earliest days as a writer of science textbooks. In her latest project, Nobody Won a Nobel, she spins a nonfiction narrative designed to right a wrong perpetrated against the scientist who discovered that genes are made of DNA.
Comox Glacier
Memoir of a Family in Progress

See Maid Marion meet and marry the Bull of the Woods, over her father's objections. Observe the author's boardinghouse birth. Watch her baby brother grow up to be a bank robber. Marvel as her father raises capital funds through arson. Look on as her mother reviews their marriage on each anniversary. Join in as their daughter scrapes mould off her dead parents' secrets.
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The Girl Who Wore Glasses:
A Memoir

Born in a boarding house, Jean lives out the war in a port city. From the curb, she watches soldiers march through the fog to the harbour. Then come the vanishing acts. First Dad goes, then Mom, and Jean lands in Purgatory. Abruptly, she surfaces in Toronto, and there claims a life of her own, in books, at school, at the movies and in her own head.