Yes  You  Can!
Help Your Kid Succeed in Math
Even if You Think You Can't

by Jean Bullard & Louise Oborne
About Yes You Can!

If you want your school-age kid to succeed in math, you're in plentiful company. But math mystique has led many parents to think they can't help their own kids. Some parents feel bad because they "never did well in math" themselves. Some did well enough but fear they've forgotten too many details. Others worry they'll make things worse by teaching the wrong method. But you can help your kid succeed in math. And you don't need to be a college grad or a math whiz. That's because this book:

Explains why you're the best math coach your kid could have - regardless of your education level or math ability

Empowers you by using plain language to penetrate math mystique

Tells how to get your kid to "buy into" the amazing value of collaborating with you.

Packs the information you need into a compact form that leaves you the time you need to help your kid

Helps you understand how to join your kid on his or her side of the math barrier

Reveals dozens of creative yet practical ideas for navigating those roadblocks

Shows how to create and use new "math circuits" to break the cycle of math failure

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Praise for Yes You Can!

Texas Parents' Council Award Winner

If you want to help, but don't know where to start, this is the book for you.
Davis Dyslexia Association

You two have created a marvelous book.
Dr Travis Cavens, pediatrician

It's a good thing for parents to have. It does cover every possible base. . .
Vancouver Sun

It's a storehouse of information with no wasted words to slog through.